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Content Management Systems

Set up a CMS with us today and experience complete control over your web site.

Make alterations to your web site without any technical knowledge or having to pay a professional.

Control your content.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or special software to edit your website. All text edits are made through an interface similar to MS Word. If you want to add photos to a page, it’s as easy as selecting the image from your PC and clicking ‘OK’.

Manage your website.

With a CMS you can manage every aspect of your site. Add new pages & categories, change the page layout, or even change the whole template. The control is virtually limitless. Install Add-ons yourself. Because our CMS solutions are all based upon open source software, there are literally thousands of add-ons available; from calendars to directories. You can even install an online shopping cart.

Search engine optimised.

Your CMS comes preinstalled with SEO tools and is automatically configured to get maximum exposure on search engines such as Google. Go as far as you like with SEO and install more add-ons yourself; there’s over 100 available.

For a free consultation - Call: 03.9858.3655 or Email: sales@w3design.com.au.

Your Website Here

Your Website Here

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CMS Basic

In Development

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CMS Advanced

In Development

The official Bocce bowls club of Australia.

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General - General features and benefits.
  • 24/7 Email Support
    24/7 Email Support
    Use our support form or email us directly at this address: support@w3design.com.au
  • Business Hours Phone Support
    Business Hours Phone Support
    Phone support from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday - just call 03 9858 3655
  • Data Entry
    Data Entry
    Initial copy &/or products provided by the client are included in the set-up of the website.
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery
    Allows you to display a photo gallery categorising and describing each image with numerous options.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Optimisation
    Developed to encourage free listings from Google and other search engines.
  • Website Statistics
    Website Statistics
    Analyse who your website vistors are, what they looked at and when.
  • News
    News and upcomming events modules displayed on your front page.
  • Website Contact Form
    Website Contact Form
    Easy contact for vistors and stops spam-bots harvesting your email from direct links on your site.
Design - Design features and benefits.
  • Custom Design
    Custom Design
    We'll design your website however you like. Just let us know what you have in mind.
  • Templates
    Choose from a number of pre-built templates and implement them in seconds.
  • Layout Page Design
    Layout Page Design
    Design of main layout such as menu items and banner - used site wide.
  • Content Page Design
    Content Page Design
    Design of individual content pages. Can be reused unlimited times across site.
Admin - Change & manage your site.
  • Control Panel Access
    Control Panel Access
    Add news items, manage pages and create an unlimited amount of content pages on your site.
  • Tool Box
    Tool Box
    Easy to use tools gives you control over every aspect of your website.
  • Rich Text Editor
    Rich Text Editor
    Edit page text through a simple online interface similar to MS Word.
  • Add-ons
    100s available: shopping carts, forums, guest books, galleries, etc
  • Add-ons Manager
    Add-ons Manager
    Install & manage your add-ons through a simple control panel.
  • Multimedia Galleries
    Multimedia Galleries
    Easily upload images, videos or mp3s via your web browser and display them on your site.
  • Mailing Lists
    Mailing Lists
    Create and manage direct mail marketing campaigns & newsletters.
  • SEO Tools
    SEO Tools
    Add tags, keywords & descriptions so search engines index your site correctly.
Packages CMS Basic CMS Advanced
Best Suited To: Best Suited To: Business seeking a professional CMS solution on a tight budget. Business seeking a one-step solution to setting up a professional CMS.
Data Entry Data Entry Sample text provided as default. available
Custom Design Custom Design available available
Templates Templates available available
Layout Page Design Layout Page Design Choose from 100s of free templates and implement them easily. Choose a premium template and we'll customise it to your preference.
Content Page Design Content Page Design As offered by the installed template of your choice. Inline styling which employs the characteristics of the template.
Control Panel Access Control Panel Access available available
Content manager Content manager available available
Add-ons Manager Add-ons Manager available available
Multimedia Galleries Multimedia Galleries available available
SEO Tools SEO Tools available available
Setup Fee $300.00 Quote
One time payment $275.00 Quote
OR Order Now N/A
12 Monthly installments $25.00 Quote
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